Cheshire Hike 2018


The 2018 Cheshire hike will be the 52nd one and will be held on the 14 & 15th of April. The hike is a real challenge but with planning and training you  can succeed. It will be a fantastic achievement that you will remember for years to come.

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The kit you will need is as follows:


Generally – Hiking in dark coloured or camouflage type clothing is not ideal, wear clothing that makes you visible to motorists and leaders looking for you;

 Boots – You need strong, waterproof boots with firm soles and ankle support. Don’t buy new boots 2 weeks before the Hike, blisters are the reason for 90% of retirees, get them now and wear them in;

 Walking socks – Good socks are your friend…your normal school or football socks are not meant for this many hours on your feet. Decathlon and Go Outdoors both sell quality hiking socks at reasonable prices, choose a pair that fit well and make sure you have cut your toenails a few days before the Hike;

 Waterproof jacket – A full and proper waterproof jacket designed for all-day out in the rain use is very important. Normal, street jackets eventually let the rain in. Gore-Tex is good but other brands such as eVent are just as good nowadays and can be better value. Look for taped seams and guaranteed dryness, make sure it has a hood;

 Waterproof Trousers – Just get the cheap, pack-away ones that come in a little bag;

 Tops – Wear and take mixed layers of clothing. Start with a non-cotton base layer that wicks sweat away from the skin. These don’t need to be expensive, cheap running tops or dedicated hiking base layers all work. Next add a fleece type top then think if you need more, an extra hoodie or similar can be handy at the base camp.

 Trousers – The uniform Scout activity trousers are the best type for something like this. They are tough, comfortable, dry well and even have a map pocket! Bring along a spare pair just in case you get wet. Only change if you really need to. If it is really cold or the forecast is bad then think about a base layer on your legs too. Jeans are NOT appropriate for any Scouting activity – they get very wet and very cold;

 Spares – You will need a change of footwear for base camp and finish, not big heavy trainers, have you got sandals, crocs or flip-flops? ;

 Just in case – A warm hat and gloves are essential! ;

 Be bold – start cold, after 5 minutes of walking with a big pack you will be warm…but make sure you have tops in your bag;

 Gaiters – Crossing streams can let water in the top of your boots, these are optional as many people don’t like them.


Hike Booklet <— click here for more


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